• Affordable camping, hunting, fishing, recreational, retirement properties and long term investments from ONLY $26,400

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Attention American Investors and Recreational Property Enthusiasts

Buy your property for 30% LESS

The foreign exchange rate between Canada and the USA is presently in the area of 30% in favour of the USD. This means that properties purchased with US dollars would yield an *approximate 30% savings on the advertised price.

This is a great opportunity to purchase your "DREAM PROPERTY" 

*Pricing is approximate and will be adjusted to reflect current exchange rate at time of sale.


Looking for a large remote acreage retreat?

Canadian Northland Retreats is now offering recreational enthusiasts reduced cost opportunities to enjoy all the benefits the great Canadian north has to offer.

That’s right! With a down payment as low as $2250 you can enjoy the camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, snowmobiling, photography and more, offered by Northern Ontario’s unspoiled wilderness properties and Crown Lands.

In addition, you will also have the use of the property for the purpose of hobby prospecting and the right of possession to the mineral deposits in the particular parcel of land you have selected.


Crown Land

Enjoy the many 1,000’s of acres of Crown Land to explore and extend your vacation and recreational adventures.


Probe the earth or pan a river, great opportunities for mineral exploration and prospecting with high yield potential available.

Wilderness Retreat

Ontario's unspoiled wilderness provides an ideal retreat for camping, fishing, hunting, hiking and endless recreational adventures.


~Will Rogers~

We Do Our Own Financing

No Bank Approvals Required


What Our Clients Say

  • Your service is as much as anyone can expect or ask for. This is one of the main reasons why I have in the past recommended Canadian Northland Retreats & Resources Inc. and will do so in the future. I want to take this time as to say thank you for the individual care you have given me.
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