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Sol Mednick

Sol Mednick

Canadian Northland Retreats Inc.

Dear Fellow Outdoor Enthusiast,

Aren’t we among the luckiest people in the world?

Living in a democracy we take so much for granted. We have so much freedom and so many opportunities.

Our vast Canadian wilderness offers so much land, rivers, lakes, rocks, forests, wildlife – all the natural wealth of the earth. Like me, I’m sure you too appreciate our planet’s abundance and strive to preserve the beauty and ecology of our environment.

That is why the remarkable opportunities presented in this catalogue will mean so much to you. Here you will find magnificent views of water and mountains, clean fresh air, and a quiet, healthy environment of your very own. Places where you can paddle a canoe along crystal clear rivers photographing moose graze along the shore. Your own piece of land for camping, skiing, snowmobiling, or just listening to the haunting call of the loon at sunrise. It’s all yours when you become the proud owner of a valuable wilderness estate with plenty of space to enjoy a freedom unique to one of the world’s last wilderness frontiers, Canada.

The good news is, the immense unspoiled acreage has plenty of fish and game for sportsmen without compromising our concerns about nature. Today’s humane sporting techniques such as catch and release fishing methods or capturing wildlife with a camera are no threat to the environment.

For vacationers, splendid lakefront estates are ideal to build your log home for your family or early retirement. These are also excellent opportunities that capitalize on desirable locations with the potential to increase in value.

For those who can not afford large acreage properties, we are including “mining claims” into our listings. These allow individuals to prospect for minerals 21 days year in addition to camping, tenting, and fishing in rivers, lakes or streams either on the property or on abutting Crown Lands. A mining claim provides these recreational advantages for a lifetime at a moderate price. The yearly mining taxes amount to only about 63 cents per acre.

Be assured that all of the properties offered by Canadian Northland Retreats are the choicest parcels of unspoiled wilderness that still exist in the world. Our recreational land specialists, some with over 50 years of experience, reject a great deal of land simply because it does not meet our high standards of quality, desirability, accessibility and clear title. Our staff collect comprehensive data from government sources: mineral and timber reports, topographic maps, government approved surveys and aerial photos. Our teams hike throughout the parcels to give us detailed data.

I feel privileged to live here and enjoy the natural riches of this country. And I hope I have something to offer you to share this wealth with you.

Yours to discover and enjoy,

Sol Mednick
Canadian Northland Retreats Inc.


~Will Rogers~

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