Prospecting Questions + Answers

So you're intrigued with the idea of prospecting and exploring the hidden potential of your property.

Our Mining Geologist, Robert Calhoun, Bsc., P.Geol.(AB), provides answers to the most common questions we receive.

  • As an owner of mining rights, what am i allowed to do when prospecting for minerals? +

    • Erect a tent? Answer - Yes
    • Park a trailer? Answer - Yes, with permission
    • Hunt? Answer - Yes unless posted otherwise
    • Fish? Answer - Yes
    • Hike? Answer - Yes
    • Photograph? Answer - Yes
    • Build a campfire or bonfire? Answer - Yes, dependant on any restrictions by the Ministry of Northern Affairs
  • As the owner of a Mining Claim, what rights do I have on a property when the surface and timber rights may belong to someone else? +

    Answer - You have the right to explore and prospect your mining claim, but you will have to compensate the surface rights holder for any possible damages such as the removal of a tree. This should be agreed upon before you start any work that may cause damage.
  • How long can I spend on a property where the surface rights belong to a private individual? +

    Answer - Under the law, you may camp for 21 days. Upon request, the surface rights holder can give you permission to stay longer.
  • How long can I spend on property where the Crown hold the surface rights? +

    Answer - 21 days, unless you can obtain an extension from the local Ministry of Natural Resources office. This has to be requested in advance of the 21-day stay.
  • Are there any circumstances I can be refused entry to my Mining Claim? +

    Answer - There are no legal refusals. If the surface rights holder does not like it, the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines will be the facilitator of an agreement.
  • If I am unable to locate the owner of the surface rights, what rights do I have under the Mining Act to enter the property? Do I need to notify the present registered owner of the surface rights? +

    Answer - You would have to discuss this with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines commission in Sudbury.

    Ministry of Northern Development
    933 Ramsey Lake, 6th Floor
    Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, P3E 6B5
    (705) 670-5850
  • As long as I pay the taxes on my Mining Claim, I understand I can own these mining claims in perpetuity and no one can take the mining claims away from me other than through a normal purchase and sale agreement of the mining claims. +

    Answer - 100% correct. That’s right.
  • What happens if I discover valuable minerals on my mining claim? +

    Answer - It would be advisable to contact a major mining company to pursue the find.
  • What is a Net Smelter Return? +

    Answer - Net Smelter Return (NSR) “NSR” is an acronym for net smelter return, which means the amount actually paid to the mine or mill owner from the sale of ore, minerals and other materials or concentrates mined and removed from mineral properties. This type of royalty provides cash flow that
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